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$10,500 Initial Investment

  • Average YOM of 2000 or newer model in 4 categories
  • 48-hour call out time
  • Single aircraft available for daily use



Magellan’s Explorer Membership is the perfect solution for those ready to leave the risk and uncertainty of the private charter market’s variable pricing behind. Customers enjoy this entry-level program’s easy-to-understand terms: With a modest $10,500 investment, you’ll lock in 12-month fixed rates on light, mid, super-mid, and heavy-cabin jets with an average YOM of 2000 or later, paying as you go with all-inclusive, point-to-point hourly pricing.

Our Explorer Membership offers year-round access with zero blackout days, with a 48-hour scheduling window. It also secures the ultimate insurance for dealing with mechanical issues, thanks to our guaranteed back-up and recovery plan. Discover the safety, certainty, consistency, and convenience of the Magellan membership experience.





Is Explorer Membership Right For You?

You are a great fit for our Explorer Membership if you:

  • Love flying private without the hassle of waiting on quotes from multiple sources.
  • Are ready to leave the variable, unpredictable market pricing of charter flights behind.
  • Enjoy knowing you’re flying on the safest and most reliable aircraft with guaranteed backup.
  • Require the ability to fly at the drop of a hat.

Enroll in your Explorer Membership today, and you’ll enjoy excellence in safety and service, convenience, flexibility, guaranteed availability, and a personalized, purely private flying experience.

What's Next?

Once you’ve subscribed to your new Explorer Membership, our Guest Services team will be in touch for your onboarding. You’ll immediately gain access to our exclusive membership app, which you can use to search trips, get quick pricing estimates at your fixed hourly rate, and book flights quickly and easily. You’ll also have 24/7 access to our private aviation consultants and our expert flight support team.

Other options

Premium Membership

Perfect for those willing to pay a premium for upgraded amenities and increased flexibility. Elevate your private jet travel with the newest aircraft, shorter call-out times, and more.

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Jet Card Ownership

Fly like an owner with ultimate control over your personalized private flight experience. Purchase flight hours in 25-hour increments on 10 of the most popular jets on the market.

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Gain access to the safest, highest-quality aircraft and crews sourced from our Magellan Jets Preferred Network on an on-demand, trip-by-trip basis—get an immediate quote now.

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Frequently Asked Membership Questions

Your health and safety are always a top priority with Magellan Jets. We operate on a higher standard, which is why our expert operations team closely monitors each flight to ensure they adhere to our strict, industry-leading 5 X 5 PureSky Safety Standard. Our partners through the Magellan Jets Preferred Network of operators are also required to adhere to enhanced health and sanitation protocols.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Magellan Jets has implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols for every aspect of your flight and experience. Called the 5 X 5 PureSky Safety Standard, read our full updated health and safety guidelines here.

Unlike the varying cost of commercial first class flights or charter flights, travelers and businesses can now reliably project their travel costs with Magellan Jets Membership. Our programs’ initiation investment ensures locked-in hourly rates for 12 months, allowing members to pay as you go no matter how many hours you fly.

Magellan Jets members have guaranteed access to aircraft in 4 categories: light, mid-size, super-midsize and heavy cabin. Explorer members can access aircraft with an average YOM of 2000 or newer, while Premium Members can access aircraft with an average YOM of 2007 or newer.

Magellan Jets offers safe, reliable access to locations around the world. Clients who participate in our jet membership programs enjoy unparalleled service with fixed, all-inclusive hourly rates in the 48 contiguous United States and a 200 nautical mile radius thereof. Travel within Primary Service Area includes reduced daily flight time minimums of 1.5 hours for jet members. Travel to popular destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada are also included with a minimal international surcharge.

No. Members have access 365 days a year, with zero blackout dates. Memberships are also free of hidden costs, offering point-to-point pricing with no additional repositioning fees.

High volume days surround major holiday season events, such as Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the day before Christmas Eve, and the two days after Christmas. Your private aviation consultant can provide the full list of these days based on your membership tier.

Magellan Jets membership programs allow you to schedule your flights with as little as 12 to 24 hours’ notice, dependent on the membership option chosen.

Yes. Members secure flights for other parties, even when a lead member isn’t onboard.

Membership takes the risk and uncertainty out of dealing with the variable pricing on the charter market. For an initial investment of just $10,500, members lock in their hourly rates for 12 months as well as guarantee aircraft availability with 48 hours’ notice. Meanwhile for charter, guests are subject to varying hourly pricing on a trip-by-trip basis, with no aircraft-specific guarantees.